About Us

This is a place for people incapable of goofing up a good time.

Chip Shots is where hangouts run into simulation sports. Where cornhole competitors cross paths with pickleball fanatics and golf pros watch football next to families. It’s 10,000 square feet where we can escape Minnesota’s anti-socialization climate together.

Fun requires fresh connections and new challenges to rise to. Thus, Chip Shots is loaded to the brim with activities that foster socializing, networking, and laughter. We’re a sports bar. We’re a pro shop. We’re a gastro-pub with IPAs on tap, domestics in cans, a cage match on one TV, and a soccer match on the other. We’re somewhere to link with new friends, or carve out space for an existing friend bubble in need of an excursion.

Built With The Community In Mind

Why we created Chip Shots

Chip Shots is a place for cracking beers at the turn, celebrating triple putts, and laughing at a whiffed shot. We don’t throw clubs, police course rules, or swear when the ball circles the rim and hops back out of its hole. It’s just a simulation of a game, after all.


This is a space unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in Rochester. Surrounded by the Purple Goat, Haley Lighting, ETS Performance, and ActivePT & Sports, we are at the center of a good time.

Who We Are

Chip Shots Origin Story

Where’d this fantasyland come from? A group of Rochester locals and wannabe golfers. Every winter, we found ourselves longing for a chance to gather with the crew to share laughs and feats of strength and skill. And every winter, we found ourselves driving 70 mile at least to the nearest shooting session. Chip Shots answers that problem. 


We installed the simulators we’d want to play. Our Full Swing and aboutGolf machines are entertainment on another level, and added e6 Multisport with a car chassis to support our racing simulator.  Ideal for all ages, we built the ultimate family friendly entertainment venue. We are not just a golf place!

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