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Looking to play some indoor Pickleball in Rochester, Minnesota? We have everything you need to take your Pickleball game up a notch. Our pro shop’s rental facility ensures that we always stock the right gear for every player, getting you everything you need for a game! New to the game or looking for some practice time? Chip Shots open gym provides regulation sized courts in our clean, fun and new facility.


At Chip Shots our indoor Pickleball courts take the wind out of the equation and allow you to just enjoy the game! Join the Rochester Area Pickleball players in a league or tournament to bring your game to the next level and make some friends along the way. No matter how skilled someone may think themselves already; there will still be challenges waiting inside those doors when coming here as part of our community.

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Want to take your Pickleball games to the next level? Join one of Chip Shots Pickleball leagues in Rochester, Minnesota to put your drop shot skills to the test! Even if you are just starting out or you are a skilled player see how the Chip Shot league community can give a whole new level of fun and excitement to the game.

Pickleball Terms

New to the game or are unsure of the proper terms? We have you covered – see our list of important pickleball terms and rules to start your match!


A serve not returned by your opponent.


A shot where the player has made the ball spin opposite its flight direction in the air.

Champion Shot

A shot that bounces twice (in non volley zone).

Dead Ball

A ball hit after the point is over.


An inbounds shot that has bounced once. This is a live ball.

Drop Shot

A shot that makes it over the net, then falls before the opposite team.

Dink Shot

An over-the-net shot that lands inside the non-volley zone.

Non-volley zone/kitchen

The 14-foot area at the center of the court. The no-volley zone extends 7 feet on either side of the net.


A shot hit before the ball hits the ground.

Champion Shot

A two-bounce shot hit inside the kitchen.


A low-power short shot.


A rule violation that stops play.


A serving shot that clips the net. To be replayed, as in tennis.


Something exclaimed after the 3rd shot is hit, signifying the start of open volleying.


Pickleball term for racquet.


A pre-serve notification to other players.


A loss without scoring.


The court where a tournament’s championship match is played.


Someone obsessed with pickleball.


Overhead serve.

Two bounce rule

After a serve, the ball must bounce before being hit back, and then again before returning. After these two bounces, volleying can begin.

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