DUPR Days at Chip Shots

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DUPR Days at Chip Shots


DUPR DAY. June 24th, 2023.

Chip Shots in Rochester, MN takes great pride in presenting DUPR Day, an all-day event designed to enable players of all skill levels to establish and maintain an updated DUPR rating. This event holds the distinction of being DUPR sanctioned, meaning that the scores obtained throughout the day will be uploaded to your DUPR account and contribute towards your DUPR rating.

We cordially invite you to join us on Saturday, June 24th, for Chip Shots’ DUPR Day. We have scheduled three sessions, categorized by skill level as follows:

DUPR Rating: 3.0-3.49 | Time Slot: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

DUPR Rating: 3.5-3.99 | Time Slot: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm

DUPR Rating: 4.0-4.49 | Time Slot: 8:00 am – 11:00 am

Matches will be organized in a Round Robin format, where players will be randomly paired with partners of equivalent skill level. Each pairing will compete in a game to 11 points. The scores achieved will be promptly updated and uploaded to your DUPR profile, attested by our professionals. Please note that each time slot has limited availability, accommodating up to 12 individuals, so we encourage you to sign up online and secure your spot. The cost per person is $15.00, inclusive of the following:

  • Three (3) hours of continuous open play with DUPR certified scoring and attestation.

If you do not currently possess an active DUPR rating but would like to obtain one, we are more than happy to assist you in setting up your account and uploading your scores. We strive to make this process worry-free and seamless.

What makes DUPR so special? What exactly is it, and why should you have one?

DUPR, short for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating, was developed in 2021 and stands as the most accurate and widely used player rating system globally. Esteemed organizations like MLP and PPL, among others, incorporate DUPR into their operations for organizing tournaments, leagues, and competitions. Ratings within DUPR span from 2.0 (beginner) to 8.0 (the world’s top player). For reference, the current highest-ranked player worldwide, Ben Johns, possesses a 6.668 DUPR rating.

Notably, DUPR distinguishes itself as the sole global rating system in Pickleball that encompasses all player results, rating individuals on a universal scale independent of age or gender. The system assigns greater weight to a player’s most recent matches, ensuring a real-time and accurate reflection of their skill level. Moreover, tournament scores hold more significance than self-posted scores, contributing to a comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of player proficiency.

But how does DUPR actually work?

DUPR operates on an algorithm that takes into account a player’s last 30 singles matches or 60 doubles matches. While this may initially seem like a substantial number, only 10 matches are required for official ranking. The algorithm evaluates ranking based on three key factors:

Points Won: The number of points you win during your matches.

Victory: Whether you emerged victorious or faced defeat in your match.

Type of Result: Whether the score was self-posted recreational play, a league match, an unsanctioned tournament, or a sanctioned tournament result. Sanctioned events like DUPR Days hold more weight, as they are attested and entered by a certified DUPR Club member.

This approach ensures that even when a player is trailing by a significant margin, the incentive to give their all for every point remains intact. This aspect sets DUPR apart, accurately assessing a player’s DUPR rating.

Additionally, the algorithm assigns an “expected value” (EV) of points your team should win against your opponent in each matchup. If, for instance, your opponents have higher ratings, your EV may be 7, but you lose 8-11. Congratulations! You have outperformed your EV, and your rating will still increase.

DUPR Days and sanctioned events provide an ideal opportunity to engage in matches, thereby maintaining an accurate DUPR rating and making you eligible for future events, tournaments, and leagues. Stay tuned for upcoming DUPR events and allow Chip Shots to cater to your pickleball needs.




What’s my skill level?

Are you new to the game and not sure about your skill level? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! At Chip Shots, our main focus is providing a fair and competitive experience for everyone. We want to make it easier for you to understand our rating system. We’ll match you up with players who are at a similar skill level, so you can have a competitive and fun time.

The USAPA has established a guideline to determine player skill levels, which ranges from 2.0 to 5.0. It’s based on how well you can perform various skills on the court. If you’re unsure about where you stand or need clarification, the guide below will be really helpful. You can find more information at this link: https://usapickleball.org/tournaments/tournament-player-ratings/player-skill-rating-definitions/

USAPA Skill Rating Definitions 2020

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