Chip Shots Team Tournament

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Chip Shots Team Tournament

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Chip Shots Team Tournament

July 28th  at Chip Shots in Rochester, MN

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural Chip Shots team tournament, taking place on Friday July 28th  at Chip Shots in Rochester, MN. The tournament will be an MLP format, also known as MLPlayer. This is an exciting new way to enjoy the game in a team format. Gather your team, sign up, and have a fantastic time playing the game you love!


Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Our innovative and unique gameplay format, brings men and women together on an equal playing field. Teams consist of four (4) players, two (2) men and two (2) women, working collaboratively to earn points for the team. The team with the highest point total emerges as the victor!

Games are played up to 21 points, and each “match” comprises four (4) games. The sequence begins with women’s doubles, followed by men’s doubles, and concludes with two mixed doubles matches. Each game won earns the team 1 point, and the team that wins the overall “match” claims the victory. This format places teamwork at the forefront, emphasizing camaraderie over individual skill and injecting an additional layer of competitiveness.

MLP format always employs rally scoring, ensuring that a point is scored regardless of who serves. This adds a strategic element to the competition and intensifies the pace of play.

In the event of a 2-2 tie after the “match,” teams will engage in a tie-breaker match called a Dreambreaker. This unique singles tiebreaker adopts rally scoring to 21, with a requirement to win by 2 points. First, one team discloses its 4-person singles rotation order, and then the opposing team counter-designates its singles rotation order armed with that knowledge. Players then rotate in for 4 singles points each until a winner emerges from the tiebreaker.

Please note that the tournament will be limited to 8 teams, with each team consisting of four (4) players. To ensure a fair playing field, this will be a DUPR16 event, meaning that the sum of all players’ ratings on the team must not exceed DUPR rating 16 (or an average of 4.0 per player). Entry includes a DUPR rating, and the event is sanctioned by DUPR.

*Some discretion is allowed if your team’s aggregate rating slightly exceeds or falls below the division threshold, or if there are inaccuracies in player DUPR ratings. Self-ratings are acceptable if you do not have a DUPR.


The entry fee for participation in the tournament is $120.00 per team or $30.00 per person. To register, teams can conveniently sign up online at Each player is required to register individually through the portal, while team captains will be responsible for enrolling the team names and providing any additional information needed. Pricing includes the entry to the tournament, a DUPR rating and gameplay, prizes, payouts, and trophies, and exclusive discounts on food/drink during the event.

The event is a 1-day event, with the first round of action beginning Fri, July 28 at 5:00 and running until 10:00p, Round Robin format, followed by a bracket for the top teams to determine the true “Champion”.


Thank you to our great sponsors, we will have some great prizes for the winners.

1st Place willl receive (4) new paddles 

2nd place will receive (4)pickleball bags

3rd place will receive some gift cards and prizes.


We look forward to hosting this exciting tournament, and we encourage you to secure your spot and join us for a memorable and enjoyable pickleball experience!




Here’s the rundown of the rules and format for rally scoring used in certain Major League Pickleball events:

  1. To determine the serving team, receiving team, court choice, or deferral, a fair method is employed, such as picking a number or flipping a coin.
  2. Each partner on a team selects which side of the pickleball court they will start on and remains on that side throughout the entire game. However, teams can switch sides during a timeout or at the change of ends.
  3. The team serving first initiates the game, with the player on the right-hand side serving crosscourt.
  4. If the serving team wins the rally, they earn a point and continue to serve. The player on the left-hand side then takes the serve (while still staying on their respective side). The serve alternates between the players on the left and right sides, without changing positions, until the serving team loses a rally.
  5. If the serving team loses the rally, the receiving team scores a point and takes over the serve. It’s important to note that there is no second server, so the score only consists of two numbers—the serving team’s score and the receiving team’s score—without a separate number for the server.
  6. The player designated to serve is determined by the score of the serving team. If the score is even, the player on the right-hand side serves. If the score is odd, the player on the left-hand side serves. For example, if the score is 0-0 and the receiving team wins the rally, they earn a point and the right to serve. The score becomes 1-0, and the player on the left side of the receiving team will serve next. Major League teams switch ends of the pickleball court when one team reaches 11 points. The first team to reach 21 points wins (with a 2-point margin).

These rules and format ensure an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience in Major League Pickleball.


What’s my skill level?

Are you new to the game and not sure about your skill level? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! At Chip Shots, our main focus is providing a fair and competitive experience for everyone. We want to make it easier for you to understand our rating system. We’ll match you up with players who are at a similar skill level, so you can have a competitive and fun time.

The USAPA has established a guideline to determine player skill levels, which ranges from 2.0 to 5.0. It’s based on how well you can perform various skills on the court. If you’re unsure about where you stand or need clarification, the guide below will be really helpful. You can find more information at this link:

USAPA Skill Rating Definitions 2020

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