Tourney of the Month is at Chip Shots, Rochester, MN


Tourney of the Month is at Chip Shots, Rochester, MN


Indoor Golf  “Tourney of the Month” is at Chip Shots!

Win some money while playing the game you love, only at Chip Shots, Rochester,MN!

Hey golfers! Are you looking to make some extra cash this winter? Chip Shots in Rochester, MN has you covered all winter long with an amazing indoor golf  Tourney of the Month program. Compete against your fellow Rochester, MN golfers in a monthly indoor golf tournament with a prize pool and skins game. The more golfers that participate, the bigger the prize pool, so tell all your friends to get into Chip Shots, rent a bay, and start competing!


How it Works!

Follow this step by step to get signed up!

Book your bay. Round must be played at Chip Shots in Rochester, MN, and you can easily make your bay reservation online through our website or call ahead. Be sure to take advantage of Half-Off Mondays or our Weekday Rate specials for extra savings. In order to compete, make sure to lock in one of our Full Swing brand simulators in Bays 1, 2, 3, or 5.

Make payment for entry by simply scanning the QR code to make payment for your entry. It’s 25.00 per entry per person,  or 50.00 per team (if you choose the team event). Unlimited entries, so play ’til you win. 100% of the entry fee will be added to the prize & skins pool.

 Set up gameplay settings. All settings and gameplay must be in line with the tournament specifications. On our indoor golf simulators, we use 8 foot gimmies and tees that fit your skill level. If you’re unsure, our staff or Tyler will be happy to help.

Play the course for that month. Our ultra-realistic indoor golf simulators will provide the best performance for indoor golf that translates to the course. Just remember, no cheating and no mulligans (unless there’s a malfunction with the sims). And most importantly, have fun!

Submit scores for the round. We make it easy to submit your scores; after you’re done with your indoor golf round,  screenshot your final scorecard and submit it via the QR code provided. Scores will be uploaded to our live leaderboard, and you can see exactly where you stand in the indoor golf tournament.

Check leaderboard. You can access the live leaderboard at any time through this page. Scores will be updated promptly and will be updated live. Questions or concerns, if you think we have it wrong, contact Tyler at 507-269-9493.


Remember, the more players enter, the bigger the payouts. You don’t need to be a fan of indoor golf to play! So, bring your buddies and get ready for some friendly competition and cash prizes!



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