The League – 2024 SZN


The League – 2024 SZN

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The League

Begins October, 2023. Sign up Today!

The League – Season 2

The League’s first season is set to kick off in early January and will span 10 weeks, including an exciting playoff to determine the champion, forever etching their name in Chip Shots’ golf history. Matches will take place on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights, with Wednesday designated as ladies’ night, coinciding with our ladies’ special event. We have scheduled convenient tee-off times at 4:00p, 6:00p, and 8:00p to accommodate everyone’s preferences. During registration, please select the night and timeframe that suits you best.

The cost for participating in the first season is $250.00. This fee covers various benefits, including:

  • Ten (10) weeks of competitive golf play
  • At least two (2) weeks of playoff matches
  • A championship trophy for the winning team
  • Prize pool and payouts for the top three (3) teams in each division (25% of total)
  • Annual subscription to the GolfLeagueGuru app, the official app and league software of Chip Shots.
  • *Optional Skins pool


*Skins are optional but encouraged participation. The cost is $2.50 per person or $5.00 per week, and the funds will be kept separate. Skins payments, totaling $40.00, should be made at the start of the season. Skins will be automatically calculated and paid out through the player app.


Each week, we will play 9 holes (or approximately two hours), whichever comes first. Typically, the 2-hour time frame is more than sufficient.

Teams consist of two (2) players. You must have at least two players per match, but additional substitutes are allowed. However, only two players per night can participate in the match.

We will be employing the Best Ball Team Stroke Play format, where each player plays their own ball, and the best score among the team members counts as the team score. You will compete against other teams in your division each week, playing against the field. The team with the highest score receives 10 points, second place gets 9 points, and so on. Points accumulate throughout the season, and the team with the highest total will be declared the winner.


To ensure fair competition, we will be implementing handicaps for all golfers. For the first two weeks, handicaps will be based on your GHIN handicap. After week 2, handicaps will be recalculated and applied to the initial two rounds. From then on, handicaps will be automatically calculated each week using a specialized algorithm, conforming to USGA and MGA standards.

App Scoring

Scoring will be conducted through our official GolfLeagueGuru app. By signing up, you will receive a one-year access to the app, which includes features such as live scoring, handicap calculations, skins, and comprehensive storage of all league play data in one convenient place. You won’t have to wait to see your scores as everything will be updated instantly while you play. Simply designate one person in your group to submit the scores, and let the app handle all the calculations.


To determine the ultimate winner, the season will conclude with an exciting head-to-head match play tournament. Teams will be placed in a bracket within their respective divisions, and seeding will be based on the overall regular season point totals. The Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday winners from the head-to-head matches will then compete against each other to determine the ultimate champion. In case of ties, playoff seeds will be determined by head-to-head records, followed by median team scores. The playoffs will run concurrently and span at least two additional weeks, depending on the outcome. Additionally, a consolation bracket will be arranged based on the number of teams participating.


If any further questions arise, we are happy to answer, please email and we will take care of you!


                Week 1: St Andrews New – Back 9

                Week 2: Murifield – Front 9

                Week 3: TPC Boston – Back 9

                Week 4: Valley of Eagles – Front 9

                Week 5: TPC Potomac – Front 9 

                Week 6: Spanish Bay – Back 9 

                Week 7: TPC Southwind – Back 9

                Week 8: TPC Louisiana – Front 9

                Week 9: El Cordinal – Back 9

                Week 10: Blue Jack – Back 9 


Rules & Regulations

To make sure our league runs smoothly and stays super competitive, everyone’s gotta follow these guidelines, rules, and regs. Check out this mega list of everything you need to know about The League.

My project 26
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